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Each project is a new chapter of our story. A chapter we create form scratch designing its creative and technological foundations. We provide target focused, custom-tailored products to our business partners. Got something interesting on your mind? Go ahead and contact us. We specialize in challenging projects.

AboveVR utilizes and adapts the latest technologies to meet our business goals. Not only do we use Virtual Reality in creating training tools and unique user experience, but we also support marketing sales and PR as well. Bridging the gap between analog and digital words we aim to provide an unforgettable adventure for our clients.


Our work is your benefit

AR / VR / MR

AboveVR utilizes and adapts the latest technologies, such as Virtual and Augmented Reality which we seamlessly merge together and tailor to the needs of our business partners. We do not shy away from a real challenge.

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Our VR and AR dev teams go a step futher than any current industry standard. As we create advanced, interactive display systems, we take you for journey during which you will get acquainted with the processes involving the implementation of virtual reality via conpemporary presentation channels.


We are always ready to exceed your expectations while preparing custom solutions in the fields of: technical advisory, research and practical implementation of apps, building networks from scratch. We create concepts and scenarios, select the best tech that will suit your needs and help you with the launch phase. This includes a full technical launch support to ensure you are in capable hands from the start to finish.


Our interactive apps enable the users to experience virtual worlds mirroring the reality. They can experiment, have fun with or even break the interactive items on purpose. In real life, the cost of such endeavor would be enormous.


Level up your training programs. Our custom-tailored simulation products can immensely improve training or onboarding processes, acquire new skills and educate your employees or customers beyond traditional methods. Lower the costs and increase the efficiency of your internal procedures by utilizing our tools.

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Everything we present using advanced simulators is a reflection of the real life counterparts. Appropriate certification enables the AboveVR products to be used for certified job training purposes.


It is possible thanks to the VR technologies such as Oculus, Vive, Hololens, multiwall motion tracking such as Cave or PowerWall, modern mobile platforms Android, iOS, ArCore, ArKit. All of which can be governed by popular platforms and engines (Unreal Engine, Unity, WebGI). The entire projects are designed and implemented in close coordination with our partners.

Branding & marketing

We create fully interactive showrooms, including goods and services presentations. We carry out projects which combine traditional sales and marketing with latest digital technologies in order to provide an unforgettable user experience.

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Thanks to the new exploration and visualization modes, you can surprise your target audience and give them a chance to acquaint themselves with your products using virtual reality. We can create a virtual environment or an app that will not only display your offer in a most effective way, but also immerse the consumers in the story we craft.


Our experts are also your consultants. This way the most appropriate tools and solutions to suit your needs can be selected. It guarantees a cost effective, most efficient technology usage.


Plan. Design. Build.
Change reality.



Our apps increase security, educate, entertain, reduce costs and take sales to the next level. Check out how AboveVR develops the most advanced projects.


Our partners


How do we work?

Each business is different that is why we treat each of our partners individually. Close cooperation allows us to get acquainted with their field of expertise to create a product that will meet and meet its technical requirements and exceed the business targets.

Let’s talk about your project

First, we need to know the aim of the project the scope of your business in order to prepare the plan for the product. It is of vital importance as it enables us to prepare specification requirements, technologies we need to utilize and establish the project time frames.

Individual contact

Constant contact at each of the stage of the project is what we take great pride in. Accounting for best practices and proven management methods, we consult and report every milestone reached as well as solutions to problems that may occur.

Quality first

We know that competition is fierce, that is why we take special care about the highest possible standards we provide to distinguish ourselves from others. Not only do we support our partners in the methodology of the projects but can aid in technical fields as well.


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